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The Childe of Hale Cottage

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15th Century, Grade II Listed Historical Thatched Cottage

Hale Village is noted for its quaint cottages, its history and most of all, its giant inhabitant. The Childe of Hales Cottage is a grade II listed 15th century Thatched Cottage, the birthplace and home of the giant John Middleton. He was affectionately known as The Childe of Hale. He lived in the cottage from his birth in 1578 to his death in 1623.

The legend of the Childe attaining such a huge height is that he traced his shadow in the sand at Hale shore, fell asleep within it, dreamt of greatness, and on awakening, had grown to an enormous size.


John was employed by the local landowner Gilbert Ireland, as his bodyguard. In 1617, King James I was returning from Scotland and on 20th August was at Latham in Lancashire , where he knighted Sir Gilbert Ireland. This is where the King first heard about the Giant John Middleton. John and his master Lord Ireland where invited to the court in London, where the Childe was challenged to a wrestling bout with the Kings champion wrestler. John Middleton conquered the Kings wrestler and was awarded the grand sum of Twenty Pounds.

On their way home, Sir Gilbert and John called at Braesnose College, Oxford (where Ireland had matriculated in 1578). The college embraced John Middleton, a portrait was made of him, which now hangs in Speke Hall. Furthermore, they named their eight oar rowing boat `the Childe of Hale'.

Unfortunately, on their way home to Hale, the Childe was robbed of his money and returned home to follow the plough for the rest of his days.


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